Friday, January 04, 2013

New year resolutions

I do not usually resolve to do anything on the 1st of January. Why? Because I am the kind of person, who, if I want to do something, will definitely do it whether I make a resolution on a particular date or not. However, this has to be something that my heart wants a 100%. Otherwise, there's a lot of wavering, questioning the choice and so on.
This year, I have begun a new tradition of sorts. The little girl and her friend S helped me make a "Happy Box".

What's a happy box? It's a shoe box that the girls have covered with white paper and decorated with their paintings.
What makes the happy box special?
Whenever one of us - the husband, the little girl or me - feel happy, we will write a little note about what has made us happy and put that into this box. When this year draws to a close on December 31st, we intend to open the box and read out all the little things that made us happy.
Don't you think that's a nice way to ring in the next year?
What's your new year resolution? My friend Sra and Aparna have begun a project called the "fity-2 weeks of 2013". This post is a part of that project where the theme this week is New Year Resolutions. If you would like to be a part of this, do join the Facebook group or send an e-mail to Sra or Aparna.


lata raja said...

what a lovely idea. it Is sometimes true that the child is the best teacher of man. Now I look forward to the day you find this box bursting with the notes dropped inside.

Aparna said...

What a lovely idea and a great resolution, to collect all your happy moments! :)


what a great idea ? to start the next year ??? wonderful

Rajani S said...

I love this! Such a great idea :)

sra said...

I tried posting a comment last night from my phone but it foxed me! This is a lovely idea and I hope you have a lot of happy moments to recollect at the end of the year.

Srividya said...

This is a great idea! Do post about it after you open it next year.