Monday, March 04, 2013

This week for me is the colour.....

Well, it was going to be green with a catchy caption about new beginnings and life all that jazz. I planted some pudina and tulsi and left it on the open balcony in plenty of sunlight, feeling quite happy about my caption and soon-to-be beautiful photo. It really did look good.....lots of tender shoots on the mint plant, but this morning I woke up to bare stalks on both plants. All the leaves were gone....with absolutely no signs as to where they had disappeared to. Apparently, pigeons like to tear leaves off plants for sport - even if they don't eat them. So, now here you have a pic which starts with green on one end , moves on to brown and then to green again. Hopefully, the plant is not entirely dead and a change of place might help it turn green again.
So there you have week started out green, turned brown and will turn green again in the near future(fingers crossed).
This is my submission for Project Fifty-2 weeks of 2013 themed on the Colour of this Week.

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